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From automobile accident/injury law to medical malpractice and wrongful deaths lawsuit, we can help 

Automobile Accident/Injury

We understand your need for compensation when you’re injured in an accident. The financial reward you’ll receive at settlement can be deemed compensation for a number of things, including:

• Doctors Visits
• Medical Procedures
• Physical Therapy
• Lost Wages (Past or Future)
• Future Bills
• Lost Earning Capacity
• Pain and Suffering
• Mental Health Visits


Finding legal representation should be your first course of action following a DUI or DWI charge in Maryland, and The Law Office of Walker Turner, P.A. is your best bet if you’re looking to lower the severity of or avoid certain penalties that are assessed upon your conviction. 

• 1st Offense DUI
• Multiple DUI Offenses
• Legal Penalties for DUI/DWI
• DUI With A CDL
• Drug Related DUI 

Criminal Defense

We are dedicated to providing superior legal aid and defense, and will be there for you every step of the way, from your free legal consultation through the entire trial process. 

• Juvenile Defense
• Misdemeanors
• Felonies
• Traffic Tickets
• Domestic Abuse
• Drug Charges
• Burglary
• Probation Violation

Business Law

In the world of business, having an experienced Maryland business law attorney on your side is invaluable. Our experienced business law team can assist you and your business by helping you navigate the changing business world.

• Formation of Businesses
• Commercial Leases
• Licensing Agreements
• Employment Agreements
• Confidentiality Agreements
• Contract Negotiation

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